Mercedes Unimog 2013 is Bringing Comfort to Compact Truck Design

 - Apr 28, 2013
References: wot.motortrend
When most people think of prolific car manufacturing company Mercedes, usually the last thing that would come to mind is the incredibly compact Mercedes Unimog 2013 vehicle.

That is an unfortunate oversight though, because Mercedes' latest update to its Unimog car sees this compressed all-terrain vehicle conquering new grounds in Mercedes' most ergonomic and fuel-efficient model update.

Mercedes Unimog 2013 design is ideal for construction, heavy lifting and any tight space that requires reliable transportation. The true beauty of this 2013 Unimog is that Mercedes purposefully focused on making a more ergonomic car concept so that drivers would be able to carry out these important tasks in comfort.

Featuring two new Euro 6 emission compliant engines and your choice of either a 5.1-liter turbo diesel 1-4 or a 7.7-liter turbo diesel I-6, the Mercedes Unimog 2013 car is a small vehicle that packs a heavy transportation punch.