The Mercedes-Benz Hybrids E300 & E400 at NAIAS 2012 are Efficient

Driving luxury vehicles while saving energy is now a reality with the Mercedes-Benz Hybrids E300 and E400.

What has auto-fanatics gawking? The cars are still built to uphold the Benz beauty complex along with high-end consumer satisfaction, however, the German car manufacturer has also included power and fuel conservation techniques within the Mercedes Benz Hybrid E300 and E400's designs. For example, the new sailing function will allow the engines to revert from combustion to electric power, reducing the vehicles' hazardous emissions into the environment. The new models also come equipped with automated start/stop features letting the vehicle power down at stoplights and save owners some valuable gas money. The Mercedes-Benz Hybrids E300 & E400 have also been given regenerative braking.

Mercedes has a tactful set up of distribution for these vehicles, as the E300 is expected to be sold only in Europe, while the E400 will hit the streets of North America later this year.