The 'Men vs. Women: Online Shopping Habits' Infographic Breaks Down Spending

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: extrabux & dailyinfographic
The 'Men vs. Women: Online Shopping Habits' infographic will certainly surprise you! The online shopping revolution has changed the consumption experience such that it is catered to the male shopaholic. Without all the bother of the stereotypical women's mention of "Oh, just one more minute sweetie, I saw another sale!" men can indulge freely on the web. The statistical breakdown chronicles the shopping habits of both genders in this modern, Internet world and indicates that men are in fact spending more money than women online.

The infographic also breaks down spending habits by age and stage, claiming that at the 45 to 54 range, spending peaks for both genders. According to Extrabux, "men are the tenured online shoppers, therefore they feel more comfortable buying big ticket items averaging $67.82. Significantly higher than the average online purchase of women coming in at $51.84

Implications - The rise of the digital age has had significant impacts on the buying and selling process. Where shopping centers and marketplaces were once the most prominent outlets for consumption, online shopping has simplified the process to appeal to the modern consumer, who sees the shopping experience as daunting and avoidable.