The Remember Me! App Helps Alzheimer's Patients and Their Families

A group of engineering students working out of Cornell University have gone ahead and developed an extraordinarily innovative and highly assistive memory app that is designed to provide a bit of help to people suffering from Alzheimer's as well as one of the many other forms of age-related dementia out there.

People who suffer from these conditions often have a very difficult time recognizing people, including close family members, and therefore have a hard time engaging in conversation. This is where the assistive memory app comes in.

The app can be installed on patients' phones and send alerts to them when a well-wisher of theirs is nearby, and they are even given the opportunity to look at photos of the person, helping to jog their memory.

Dementia is hard on patients but it's also devastating for family members and friends, which is why this innovative use of app technology to bridge the gap is something to be celebrated.