The Memio Personal Item Tracker Helps You Find Your Lost Necessities

 - Mar 24, 2011
References: & industrialdesignserved
Never forget where you put your car keys/cellphone/wallet ever again with the Memio Personal Item Tracker. The Memio Personal Item Tracker is a conceptual device designed by Rob Prickett that acts as a sort of digital "Do I have it?" checklist.

Everyone has accidentally run out of the house without remembering to bring important items like cellphones or house keys before. The Memio Personal Item Tracker lets you program items into it that you deem to be everyday essentials. It then prompts you to check them off before you head out of the house. If you find that you don't have your wallet on you, Memio will help you find where you last left it. While the Memio looks pretty portable, it would probably work best mounted to the front door of your home. I can't imagine the irony associated with losing your Memio.