Melt Project Gives a Vivid Second Life to Discarded Synthetic Material

 - May 14, 2013
References: meltproject.blogspot & rui-pereira
Consumers have few expectations of cheap plastic toys; the moment they're no longer needed, they generally end up in the trash. The Melt Project attempts to underline this issue of quick toy turnovers and demonstrates how such items can be repurposed creatively.

Rui Pereira and colleagues have worked to cover furniture and assemble various household items out of melted down plastic figurines and knickknacks. Recreating the chaos of the toy box, the team puts pieces together that have clashing colors, giving the final products a whimsical and eccentric look.

A seemingly antique armchair and ottoman have been bordered in bright hues; meanwhile, every part of a Melt Project table lamp appears to have been covered with some only partially liquified pieces.