The 'Melon' Headband Measures Your Focus to Make You More Productive

 - May 15, 2013
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
The 'Melon' headband peers into your mind and measures your focus throughout the day while storing the readings in your phone. By showing how focused you are throughout the day, the Melon hopes to help you be more productive. The mobile app that comes with the Melon beautifully visualizes your mind data and tells you when your focus is the best.

The system works by having you choose what you're doing and then input your current environment through the app. After your session has begun, the headband begins to record your brain activity. An EEG sensor records electrical activity through your scalp and sends that data to your mobile device. Algorithms on your phone then process the data and compile it into usable visualizations.

This technology has the potential to be truly disruptive because it gives us a window into a previously unknown space. By quantifying brain activity, the 'Melon' provides insights where there were none before.