The Melodi Gauges and Communicates Capacity to the Blind While They Cook

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
The Electrolux Melodi is one of the Electrolux Design Lab 2012 semi-finalists, and for a good reason too. Unfortunately, little information about this submission has been released, but what is known is rather impressive.

This unusual little cup acts as gauging strainer for liquids, conceived to make the art of cooking a great deal easier for those of us who are visually impaired. Because the blind have no way of viewing how close a fluid ingredient is to a certain volume line on a measuring cup, this instrument works with a different and more finely tuned sense.

As water, for instance, is poured through Elena Sitnikova's Electrolux Melodi, the passage of the substance makes a range of unique sounds. This audio feedback informs the user about the amount of liquid that's passed.