MellowHype '64' Terrifies Viewers With its Dark Undertones

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: & formatmag
Hodgy Beats and Leftbrain of hip-hop group Odd Future have released their MellowHype '64' music video and they don't disappoint.

The two members, known as MellowHype outside of Odd Future, revealed a new music video entitled '64' that's dark, weird and sinister. Put it this way; throw in demonic children, a character not unlike Sadako from The Ring, one messed up, weed-smoking priest and you'll get this marvelously macabre video. The track is solid, with hard-hitting beats that get you pumped. The MellowHype '64' is definitely a track that any fan of Odd Future has to check out.

The gang from Odd Future continues to drop intense beats and even more intense videos that show why they are a force to be reckoned with.