Melanie Willey Documents The Dead for the Discovery Channel

 - Apr 25, 2012
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Most people’s experiences with mummies are relegated to museums but that is not the case with Mellanie Willey. The intrepid New York City-based photographer recently shot a slew of photographs for the Discovery channel documenting the ancient corpses as part of her work as field producer for a special production. She followed the excavation of mummies as well as the installation of an exhibition currently touring museums in North America.

The practice of mummifying the dead was not exclusive to the ancient Egyptians. There are mummies from every continent of the earth, save Antarctica. However, in the shoots featured here, only Asian, Latin American and European Mummies are pictured.

It goes without saying that mummies are grizzly things to behold. However, there is also something intriguing about them. They offer a glimpse, even if decayed and macabre, into a dim and distant past.