10 Ingenious Medical Treatments

 - Sep 9, 2008
References: health.msn
The medical breakthroughs of today are truly incredible, and everyday another one occurs. On their Health and Fitness page, MSN.com outlines today’s top 10 "Ingenious Medical Treatments," and a quick glance at these miracle procedures really helps to give a positive outlook on medical successes of the future. With doctors, surgeons and specialists like these around, the health of our future seems super-promising.

Take a peek at the top ten and hit up health.msn.com for more detailed descriptions of each new and innovative procedure:

1.) New Heart Valves for Cardiac Surgery – valve malfunctions will be a thing of the past

2.) Botox injections for voice disorders – (I’ve also seen these given to people with vocal tics in recent medical procedures)

3.) Photography for Burn Victims – improve the mental trauma

4.) Electric therapy for Dysphagia – (therapy for those with difficulty swallowing)

5.) Clean hands to prevent MRSA – a new twist on an old classic

6.) New eyes for Cancer patients – no more glass

7.) "Clean" blood for rare blood characteristics – blood-washing machines (DONATE!)

8.) Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer – think Wall-E, only smarter

9.) "Washed" sperm for infertility – they can never be clean enough…

10.) Heartfelt support for people with terminal illness - nothing ever means more