Mecedes-Benz '#Untamed -- A Digital Photo Installation' Fascinates

A truly modern marketing campaign, Mecedes-Benz #Untamed -- A Digital Photo Installation incorporated multi-sensory art, crowdsourcing through social media and distinctive branding that made for a fascinating concept.

The German car company invited Instagram users to submit their most strikingly original photographs, generating interest in order to stage the #Untamed installation. Combining the crowdsourced photography with the ideal of transcending norms, Mercedez-Benz created a multi-sensory exhibit in which the Instagram images took over an entire room, submerging visitors entirely in each photo.

By allowing visitors to experience in this extraordinary installation, the company has created a branding message that showcases the new Mercedes-Benz CLA automotive model's " unrivalled dynamism and untamed character." Mecedes-Benz #Untamed -- A Digital Photo Installation epitomizes dynamic marketing that engages consumers through artistic originality and social media.