The Me Time Teacup Features its Graspable Appendage in an Unusual Place

 - Mar 25, 2013
References: & industrialdesignserved
The delightful Me Time Teacup looks as though an error might have occurred during its assembly. You're probably accustomed to seeing the elegant hook-shaped handle of a porcelain sipper attached vertically and to the side; however, such is not its location in this idiosyncratic design.

Eszter Imre's elegant infusion vessel incorporates the handle into its rim. The lovely curving feature curls upwards, encouraging a different way to hold it. With the smooth exterior free of physical interruptions, one can cup the mug with an encompassing embrace by both hands. Alternatively, you can grasp the Me Time Teacup closer to the brim, catching your thumb through its unique loop at the top. Available in three sizes, the Me Time Teacup is perhaps even more functional than the archetypal tea cup.