The McLaren MPX-4 Can Change Its Aerodynamic Properties On the Fly

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: mclaren & theverge
The McLaren MPX-4 Formula One concept car is a British-made supercar that is incredibly sleek in appearance and powerful in its performance.

This vehicle is designed to be extremely aerodynamic, and is actually capable of changing its shape in order to optimize its aerodynamic capabilities on the fly. The surfaces of the McLaren MPX-4's body respond to electrification in order to provoke a change in shape when specific aerodynamic conditions could be enhanced. Once the electricity is cut off, the materials return back to their original shape so that the vehicle's functioning isn't compromised.

Ultimately, this vehicle is designed to advance automotive engineering by adapting the technology of what is best referred to as dynamic aerodynamics, wherein the vehicle's aerodynamic properties can change on the fly.