The McGinness 'Geometric Primitives' Display is Angular

The Pace Primitive art gallery is now exhibiting the Ryan McGinness 'Geometric Primitives' display. A Virginia Beach native, McGinness grew up within a concentrated surf and beach culture. Despite his seaside upbringing, McGinness has managed to touch upon many classic African tribal motifs via his paintings, sculptures and printed pieces.

The New York-based Pace Primitive space has been used to showcase authentic African and Oceanic creations since 1971. Its entrenched history has been reflected in the organization's talented list of collaborators, and has as such opened its doors to the brilliant work of McGinness.

McGinness' Geometric Primitives collection is bright and angular, and is an enticing jumble of all things indigenous. The inspiration behind the series is Pace Primitive's very own stockpile and therefore serves to represent the totality of the company's African tribal theme.