You Will Soon Be Able to Season McDonald’s Fries Yourself

 - May 11, 2014
References: mcdonalds & foodbeast
McDonald's fries are iconic; no other fast food franchise has ever been able to replicate its deliciously greasy taste. Now, the brand is actually altering the taste, but don't worry, it is at your own discretion.

Reportedly, McDonald’s is testing seasoned fries in Stockton, California. However, they will not be sold seasoned; customers will have the choice of adding on a variety of seasonings -- just like popcorn at the movies. The seasonings that are up for testing include Garlic Parmesan, Zesty Ranch and Spicy Buffalo.

If customers decide on adding some of the spice packets into their bag of fries, they just have to follow the simple step-by-step guide that will be printed on the bags: "1. Pour ‘em, 2. Sprinkle ‘em, 3. Close ‘em, 4. Shake ‘em and 5. Love ‘em."