Mcdonald's McBaguette is a Bite of Cultural Goodness

 - Apr 23, 2012
References: mcdonalds & thedrum
Oh la la, McDonald's new hamburger sandwich, McBaguette, is now being served at the giant chain restaurant.

McDonald's takes a dive into native culinary goods by revamping its sandwich to incorporate French cuisine. Served with two burger patties, the McBaguette sandwich is French-ed up and served with baguette, grainy french mustard and cheese.

For six weeks starting April 18, the 1,228 McDonald's restaurants all over France will feature this new sandwich. The French are known to purchase bread on a daily basis and if McDonald's is looking to keep customers happy, it better know how to whip up quality baguettes.

Although most McDonald's items makes some happy and drowsy after downing a meal, the McBaguette looks worthy to try if someone's looking for a mix between old-school French and conventional American cuisine.