Maya Fuhr Has a Special Touch When It Comes to Portraits

 - Oct 20, 2014
References: mayafuhr & itsnicethat
Maya Fuhr is a talented photographer who enjoys photographing her subjects in their natural habitats. Her past projects include 'Garbage Girls,' a series that captured girls in their hopelessly messy rooms, and 'Diary Girls,' a series in which artists posed against blown-up entries of their diary. Each of these projects offered an intimate glimpse into the inner lives of the women pictured.

When it comes to portraiture, the environment becomes secondary. That is, the subject takes full focus of the shot, regardless of where they are. Even without relying on context, Fuhr has a special touch that makes her subjects truly stand out.

Though understated, Fuhr's portraits are incredibly powerful. She photographs with an unguarded honesty that is so seductive, each photograph is irresistable.