Maxime Ballesteros Photographs Life After Dark

Berlin-based photographer Maxime Ballesteros takes photos that express the fragmented sensory experience of debauchery after dark.

Something happens to us after dark. It's like our pretense, our inhibitions, melt away to reveal our innermost desires, hungering to be fed. Whether or not we act on these impulses, they remain underneath the surface, jonesing for a fix. Bellesteros' photography shows us what happens when we cease resisting; when we welcome the darkness, the debauchery and the excess with open arms. When we lose ourselves in a moment so entirely, it feels as though we might never return to the surface, where propriety and decorum rule supreme.

Though described as provocative, Ballestreros insists that his photography is only as provocative as the world we live in, noting that sex just happens to be that which makes the world go round.