Maverick A0-01 BBQ Organizer Makes Outdoor Cooking Orderly

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: amazon & 7gadgets
"Real men" may pride themselves on being spontaneous and resourceful, but there are plenty of advantages to using the Maverick A0-01 BBQ Organizer when cooking outside.

Unlike the complete kitchen that surrounds your stove and oven inside, the barbecue is often simply equipped with one or two flanking trays or surface on which one can place both food and utensils. But with a really complex recipe involving several different grilled dishes, spices, toppings and such, you quickly run out of room for everything that you'll need in close proximity to your outdoor roaster.

The Maverick A0-01 BBQ Organizer can be easily fastened an existing surface on your grill, or one nearby, with the help of a vice. It includes a cantilevered shelf for condiments, hooks for your cooking utensils and racks for paper towels and more.