Digital Matte Paintings by Jaime Jasso

These incredible images are the products of the medium of, believe it or not, CG (computer generated) or digital art. The first two images were created by Jaime Jasso of Venice, California’s Blur Studio (Tomb Raider). A digital matte artist, his website,, connects to a huge community of equally talented digital artisans. They take Photoshop to levels one can only dream of. (Matte Painting is the process of producing realistic, or imaginary, background images for feature films and video games.)

The futuristic city in image four is the work of Frederick St Arnaud and the final one is courtesy of "dodowa". Check out to see dozens of works, including ones from Gone with the Wind, and Star Wars, just to see how far technologically has taken the process. showcases many more incredible artists, their works and instructional how-tos.