The Matt Box 'Acid Drops' Short Sheds Artistic Light on the Sport

The Matt Box 'Acid Drops' short introduces watercoloring to skateboard videography. Unlike any predecessors, artist Matt Box slows down the action softening it to perfection.

And, in doing so the edgy notion of skateboarding is carved into something beautiful. The project is for the Unreal Estate, a UK-based brand who states its goal is "to provide clothing and art prints for a variety of exciting projects," according to the site.

The video minimizes the surrounding environment, honing in on the skateboard, and features L.A. skateboarder Dylan Reider. Box's animation shows the graceful elegance in Reider's movements. The video's musical piano accompaniment is minimalist, yet it works in cohesion with the flow of the sole skateboarder and provides a serene experience for viewers.