The Matcbox Coat Rack Incorporates Folded Flaps for a Tidy Foyer

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: giopatocoombes
Clothes hangers seem to be the objects with which many designers run wild with their imaginations. The Matcbox Coat Rack is one of such examples. A couple of nails in a wall would do a satisfactory job of providing a place to store jackets, scarves and sacks, which demonstrates how so much of the piece's composition can be left up to creative expression.

Giopato & Coombes' foyer storage system takes the familiar free-standing, tall and slender form. It incorporating more than a few quirks that allow it to perform its task effectively, while offering a few extra perks. It is as if the shape of the Matcbox Coat Rack is inspired by an extruded and distorted cardboard box, complete with creased flaps as clothes hooks and little nooks for stowing umbrellas and bags.