The MASTIHA Gum Packaging Emphasizes the Use of Natural Ingredients

The Athens-based agency Antonia Skaraki helped create stylish and sophisticated packaging for the therapeutic product and food supplement brand MASTIHA. Drawing influence from the brand's use of all-natural ingredients, the packaging boasts a clean and simple design.

While most chewing gum brands are characterized by bright color palettes and graphic designs, Antonia Skaraki opted to give MASTIHA chewing gum a more simple look. The agency opted for a clean, white background that is completely void of color except for a small label indicating the flavor of the gum. To emphasis the brand's holistic identity and closeness to nature, the package is finished with the simple black outline of a tree.

Despite its minimalist design, the packaging for MASTIHA chewing gum is likely to catch the eye of health-conscious consumers.