The MasterCard PayPass Advertisements are Adorably Silly

 - Sep 14, 2011
References: paypass & adsoftheworld
Funny, attention-grabbing ads are a crucial aspect of advertising a business or a product, and that is exactly why the MasterCard PayPass advertisements are proving to be so successful.

According to the MasterCard website, PayPass "is a new 'contactless' way to pay. It is like having exact change wherever you go. A simple tap of your card, key fob, or mobile phone is all it takes to pay at checkout." The feature is one that many have learned to appreciate when using MasterCard on the go.

The MasterCard PayPass advertisements feature users' Twitter responses to the question, "What would Canadians do with the over 28,064,767 minutes PayPass has saved them?" Answers include, "I will practice balancing bubbles on my nose," and "I would learn to yodel a rap song."