The ReFa Active Brain Massage Ball Stimulates the Body and Mind

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: japantrendshop & 7gadgets
As first glance, the ReFa Active Brain Massage Ball looks like a piece of artwork, but the small bauble-like gadget is actually designed to help relieve stress in a unique way.

Packed with 32 buttons onto the exterior of the flexible design, the ball produces a satisfying clicking sound and feeling when held or rolled in the hand.

The result of using the ReFa Active Brain Massage Ball is an increase sense of well-being, better blood circulation in the hands and wrist, and much more.

The product is endorsed for usage by Christiano Ronaldo and crafted from a series of materials including steel, brass and rubber. This interesting mix of materials helps to add an additional sensory experience for stressed out users to enjoy.