Lisette Appeldorn's Masks are a Nod to African Culture

Lisette Appeldorn's latest project, 'Raster,' is a series of masks inspired by African tribes and culture.

Appeldorn achieves her unconventional, geometric exterior by using a variety of folding techniques. She focuses on molding the thin plywood material to emphasize clean lines and razor edges, both of which give the masks a more contemporary edge compared to the African originals Appeldorn was inspired by. The finished masks are exaggerated in their shape and form, looking almost distorted. The distortion is interesting however, drawing the viewer's curiosity and fascination.

Appeldorn hopes to demonstrate the similarities between humans and animals with this project. We are not so different from one another, the masks seem to say. By concealing our human feature and replacing them with the ambiguous shape, this point is made abundantly clear.