Maserati Mulinello is an Amazing Concept Vehicle by Hossein Ghahramani

 - Jun 25, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
Hossein Ghahramani's Maserati Mulinello car is a combination of beauty and elegance. The design of the car is inspired by water and fittingly, 'Mulinello' stands for the vortex of water in Italian.

The beautiful black sedan is also an eco-friendly car that is powered by a hybrid engine. The car has a very attractive and elegant design, although the designer has not provided more information about the Maserati Mulinello's specifications.

Implications - Consumers today are flocking to products that enable them to preserve both the planet and their personal style. Products with green and aesthetically appealing qualities will fare extremely well in today's eco-conscious society. It is imperative that businesses satisfy all consumer demands today as opposed to focusing on those that appear the most popular.