The Mas Provencal Restaurant as Any Gardener's Dream

Florist and flower enthusiasts flock to southeastern France for a table at the Mas Provencal restaurant. This sweet-smelling eatery is filled to the brim with exotic flowers that outnumber the tables and chairs.

Located near the Ese Village, France, this restaurant has every square inch covered with beautiful greenery from ivy to orchids. Not to mention the plethora of roses, it is the country of romance after all. Each table in this fabulous florist wonderland is done up with an outstanding floral centerpiece accompanying the vintage knick-knacks sprinkled about the restaurant. In addition to the beautiful bundles of flowers this extravagant eatery is equipped with grapes and cherry tomatoes hanging from the ceiling within diners arms reach so you'll never have to wait long on appetizers.

The Mas Provencal is a garden paradise of a restaurant and a flowery fairy tale.