Mary Leu's Hyperrealistic Wooden Sculptures Are Deceptive

 - Dec 15, 2012
References: & designtaxi
Taiwanese artist Mary Leu sculpts soft laundry out of wooden blocks that are so realistic, it gives off the illusion of reality.

Chiseled away for almost a year per piece, the sculptor masterfully replicates typical clothing items like socks and undergarments as well as handkerchiefs, lunchboxes and fruit into detailed hyperrealistic art. Each time a viewer questions the true material of the seemingly soft fabric is a compliment to Mary Leu's attention to detail. With inspection, onlookers can see the artist's incorporation of the minute details of wrinkled fabrics as well as wear and tear in each garment, adding to the illusory effect of faux reality.

The stunningly deceptive imitations have earned the sculptor a placement in one of China's traffic-heavy museums as well.