The No Monuments While Travelling Series by Mario Pucic is Eerie

 - Apr 24, 2013
The 'No Monuments While Travelling' series by Croatian based photographer, Mario Pucic is eerie. This latest collection from the talented young photographer features a number of different scenes you would see if you were travelling, except for the fact that there is not a soul to be seen in any of these desolate pictures.

The photographer says he wanted to capture the loneliness of the open road with this collection. The abandoned images of random roadside garages, views of vast oceans in front of a ship and washed out snowy captures with no-one in sight, certainly paint a scene of the photographer going off travelling on a self-discovery quest.

Despite their eerie loneliness, these languid, over-exposed, washed-out images have a huge deal of charm to them.