The 'Casa Folha' by Mareines and Patalano is Lush

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: & toxel
The Brazil-based architectural firm Mareines and Patalano demonstrate a keen eye for nature in its 'Casa Folha,' or 'Leaf House' design.

Brazil is a country bursting with lush, tropical foliage. Such plant life provides a cornucopia of shapes, colors and textures for designers and artists to draw on. These natural qualities were not lost on Mareines and Patalano.

The building's roof is clearly inspired by the tapering curves of leaves. The plant-like roof is divided into six petals, so to speak. Each petal curls downward from a ridge along its center. Viewed from above, this produces a fractal-like effect that is quite reminiscent of a flower.

Mareines and Patalano also chose to build the structure primarily out of wood. This further adds to the organic feel of the building.