Vertical Water Taps Maple Trees and Bottles 100% Pure Maple Water

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: verticalwater & refinery29
Staying hydrated is important but water can get boring, so how about drinking maple water instead? 'Vertical Water' is a new water alternative that is made from 100% pure maple water.

Vertical Water is tapped from fresh American maple trees. It's not a sticky sap nor is it maple syrup mixed in with water. The water drawn from the maple trees is lightly sweetened, boosted with nutrients and naturally filtered within the tree.

Basically, as winter ends, the warm weather triggers water to rise from the roots up into the tree. Vertical Water taps this source and bottles it for you to drink. The result is a tasty, hydrating beverage that has electrolytes like magnesium and potassium. Vertical Water only has six grams of sugar and 30 calories per bottle, which is less than most popular coconut waters out there now.