The Manta Type C Armchair by Mast is Shaped Like the Sea Creature

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: mastelements & deconiche
As alien as eagle rays may seem (what sea creature isn't otherworldly?), it is undeniable that they have a graceful look that mesmerizes many who lay eyes on it; it is these fluid lines that make up the Manta Type C Armchair. If it weren't for the tufted leather material or the fact that it was out of the water, the Manta Type C Armchair could have easily passed for the actual sea creature.

Designed by Mast, the Manta Type C Armchair is a luxurious creation that brings an element of the unexpected into the home. As the designers put it, the chair "combines great craftsmanship with a sense of avant-garde." Available in different colors, it is boasts a polished steel base.