La Vie en Rose by Malika Gaudin-Delrieu Documents Claudette's Life

Malika Gaudin-Delrieu, a French photographer currently based in Britain, was documenting Switzerland’s legalized prostitution when she met Claudette. An intersex sex worker, Claudette helped Malika Gaudin-Delrieu put together a beautiful photo series that dispels the stigma around the hermaphrodite population. Titled La Vie en Rose, it is an intimate glimpse into Claudette's life not only as a prostitute, but also as a husband and father.

From the home to the streets, Malika Gaudin-Delrieu's photo series shows how self-actualized Claudette is. She says, "Claudette is the opposite of a victim. She controls her life, makes her choices clearly and knowingly. She does more than just live her life, she loves it." Considering that Claudette views "hermaphrodite [sex … as] the sex of the angels," how could she not?