Malgorzata Arska Paints the Classics in an Animated Manner

 - Jul 21, 2011
References: malgorzataarska.blogspot & blog.thaeger
Pixar better watch out because Malgorzata Arska is moving in on their territory. Not only does she paint these fairy tale illustrations with a sense of humor that's reminiscent of the great animation company, but the lighting effect she manages to achieve makes the images look as though they're actual 3D models.

My favorite fairy tale illustration by Malgorzata Arska has got to be the one featuring the Ugly Duckling, as the loneliness experienced by the titular character is perfectly articulated; the cocky duckling in the background is incredibly cute even whilst being condescending.

Implications - As North American consumers continue to recover from harsh economic times, they're looking to fantasy artworks with child-like qualities to offer them a sense of comfort. Corporations can similarly appeal to consumers by utilizing imagery evocative of simplicity in their promotional campaigns.