High Chair Shoes

 - Jun 23, 2008
References: coolbuzz.org
Humans have invented numerous ways to make up for physical shortcomings. Hair extensions. Breast augmentation. Calf implants. Fake nails. Shoes that boost short folks an inch or so is nothing new either. These shoes, however, take the 'make-me-taller attitude... well, a bit higher. Dubbed the "high chair" shoes, these heels feature three scaffolding-like bases to lift its wearer at least 6 inches off the ground.

Implications - TOO PRESUMPTUOUS.

The contemporary woman has a high threshold for pain and she desires beauty ahead of all else. When designing products for women, companies should focus almost exclusively on style. Women will push themselves to the boundaries of their pain threshold in order to display their alpha female status; this is an opportunity for designers to innovate and break the rules.