These 'Make Me Cake Me' Summer Lovin' Cookies are Picnic Appropriate

 - Jul 3, 2013
Even if you cannot enjoy a view of the beach this summer, these ‘Make Me Cake Me’ cookies offer a consolation prize of satisfying your appetite. You can even enjoy the sight of these cookies that have been constructed to resemble a sandy beach with rich turquoise water.

While these cookies will not help you obtain that beach body, they are an adorable option that will have you daydreaming about a relaxing day on the sandy shores. For those who have a beach wedding, summer bridal shower or beach party lined up, these occasions are the perfect place and festive celebrations to indulge in these Make Me Cake Me cookies. It may be hard to eat them because they are so adorable and intricately decorated, but with enough willpower it’s possible that dessert-eaters will summon their strength and give these cookies a taste.