Maja Vase's Frozen Treat Feature a Garnish of Fresh Flowers

 - Jun 17, 2016
Maja Vase's floral popsicle recipe is almost too striking to consume. The blogger's website is synonymous with aesthetically pleasing desserts that are topped with her garnish of choice -- fresh flowers. This frozen dessert recipe calls for a mix of blackberry buttermilk ice cream, lemon, fresh berries and raw liquorice powder.

The finished desserts also feature a garnish of candied violets and other edible flowers. Despite of their complicated look, these floral popsicles are surprisingly easy to make, requiring one to pour ingredients into traditional popsicle molds before freezing them over night.

These Instagram-worthy desserts are not only beautifully presented and tasty but are also reflective of the evolving popularity of botanical cuisine and flavor profiles -- whether showcased with the floral cocktail creations or botanical pizza toppings of recent months.