Mainland Cheese's 2,000-Piece Puzzle May Be Redeemed for Vintage Cheese

 - Feb 28, 2018
References: foodandwine
As Mainland Cheese's tagline states that "Good Things Take Time," the company created a unique way for consumers to live out this statement.

Rather than offering a time-sensitive coupon for cheese, the company created a 2,000-piece puzzle that is to be assembled and redeemed for a 20-kilogram piece of vintage cheese. Those who challenge themselves to complete the Mainland 2,000-Piece Voucher have the opportunity to take as much time as they need in putting together the limited-edition puzzle—which will likely be necessary, as the puzzles themselves feature challenging images inspired by the subtle colors and texture of cheese.

The task of assembling the puzzle draws parallels to the aging process that forms Mainland Cheese's many unique varieties, hopefully giving consumers a newfound appreciation for the product.