The MaidSafe Network is a Safer Version of the Internet

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: & techcrunch
The Internet has revolutionized the way the people communicate with one another and live their lives in general, but one of the unforeseen consequences of the Internet is that it is a relatively unsecure network, especially when compared to the MaidSafe network. The UK-based system has a lofty goal: it hopes to be a better Internet by offering a radically reimagined private and safe network for communication.

MaidSafe's network, known as the SAFE network (which stands for "secure access for everyone"), uses P2P sharing to democratize space on the network and make it incredibly difficult for information to be stolen. The system uses "vaults" -- spare hard drive space that users can donate to the MaidSafe network in exchange for cryptocurrency -- to spread online data out across multiple computers.