The 'Stick 'em Magnet Kitchen Towel' can Attach to any Metal Object

 - Jul 26, 2013
References: amazon & thegreenhead
With all the preparation and constant movement required in cooking meals in the kitchen, utensils and cloths often end up in precarious locations, but this
Full Circle Stick 'em Magnet Kitchen Towel is equipped to stick to any metal object, making it easier for you to find it when needed.

Kitchen towels come in really handy when you need something to quickly clean a spill or dry off your hands, but when you're constantly moving from counter to counter, these towels can easily be dropped or misplaced at an instant. The Full Circle Stick 'em Magnet Kitchen Towel however, is creatively equipped with a magnet in one corner, allowing it to conveniently stick to any fridge, oven or metal object.

Made from organic cotton and bamboo, this creative kitchen towel will definitely make the process of cooking and cleaning up much easier.