The Magic Mirror is the New York Time's Attempt at Innovating Newspapers

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: & gizmodo
Proving that the print mogul still has its finger at the pulse of technology, the Magic Mirror represents the latest attempt by the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune to innovate in the world of news delivery.

Imagine waking up, dragging yourself half-heartedly to the bathroom and looking eye-to-eye at your local weather lady -- well, a 2-dimensional rendering of her, anyway. That wondrous scenario is an everyday possibility thanks to the work being done at the NYT Research and Development Lab. Their newest creation, tentatively called the Magic Mirror, will detect your presence and superimpose news onto your bathroom mirror using Microsoft's Kinect technology. Beyond news developments, the stereoscopic device will allow you to send emails, shop online and even connect with other washroom denizens.

However fascinating the Magic Mirror may be, Kelly Hodgkins of Gizmodo brings up a very valid point: people only spend about an hour in the bathroom, and it usually isn't in front of the mirror. Maybe if the device was installed opposite the toilet it would see more use.