Magazine Bench by Marcial Ahsayane is a Place to Sit and Store

 - Jul 6, 2011
Objects that boast the ability to fulfill two separate tasks often have an irresistible charm. This Magazine Bench by Marcial Ahsayane undoubtedly rests within this category in the way that it serves two needs of a reposing person.

Firstly, the piece of furniture is just that: a seating system that can comfortably accommodate a couple of sitters. Secondly, the vertical supports of the backless chair have been perforated with triangular arrangements of small circular holes, the perfect size for the insertion and storage of rolled magazines.

But function isn't everything, and this clever suggestion for domestic or public furnishing is also executed with sensitivity to aesthetics. The leg planes of the Magazine Bench by Marcial Ahsayane have been crisply chamfered to make the form of this object intriguing in appearance.