The Mad Max Video Game Centers on Vehicular Combat

 - May 5, 2014
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Warner Brothers released a spectacular new trailer for the Mad Max video game, due to be released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox gaming platforms in 2015. The game is based on the dystopian 1970s Australian movie of the same name. Gamers play as Mad Max, a "lone warrior" and "reluctant hero with an instinct for survival."

The Mad Max video game is an open world sandbox action affair in which vehicles play a central role; this makes the game a mouth-watering prospect for gamers with an affinity for vehicles. The game's titular character Mad Max uses a blend of vehicle-based combat and feet-on-the-ground fighting to combat the bad guys.

The central vehicle in the video game is Mad Max's 'Magnum Opus', an angry-looking beast of a vehicle that resembles a Ford XB Falcon. The game's official blurb instructs players to "survive the wasteland and customize the ultimate combat vehicle to overtake even the fiercest enemy."