Mac Yoga Ad Defames Vista

 - Apr 20, 2008
Two prominent lifestyle attributes being embraced by the western culture are the rise in computer and gadget ubiquity, and the increased consciousness of health, as reflected by the embrace of practices like yoga. The fact that the latest Mac ad embraces both of these attributes goes to show Apple is dedicated to staying at the forefront of media communication with their customers.

"Breath out and expel all that bad vista energy," says the yoga practitioner, played by Judy Greer. "Mac is standing tall and fit, while PC is doing a downward dog pose on a yoga mat on the other side of the instructor. He mumbles about it having "been a stressful year with Vista."

The video spot illustrates that the stress of a PC can be really hard on a person; that is the contrast. The clarity is then depicted as Apple; the Mac is to your computer needs as yoga is to your health and relaxation needs.