Mac Blondie Uses His Own Fists as Paintbrushes & Blood as Oil to Create Art

 - Jan 20, 2014
References: macblondie.tumblr & wetheurban
A French tumblr artist taking the name of Mac Blondie has taken the idea of art to the next level in his latest art series by punching a brick wall covered with a canvas with his bare hands. The entire process took five minutes while the artist punched the canvas 569 times. The piece was actually his first performance and was inspired by his desire in creating an artwork using only his body as the main material.

The violent process uses the combination of a circular waterproof fabric with a canvas underneath. "I chose the geometrical form of the circle because in this work, I wanted to show what Man is able to do : From his most vulgar impulses like violence, up to his the most complex reasoning ability," says Blondie on the choice in using a circle for his work.