The M3 Chair's Open Framework Defines the Space it Occupies

 - Oct 9, 2011
References: thomasfeichtner & mocoloco
It is not unusual for a single seater sofa to take up as much room as the M3 Chair does, but its open composition juxtaposed against its rawboned structure strikes an intriguing visual conflict between solid and void.

It would certainly have been possible to support a seat of a comparable size using less oak material while occupying less space. On the other hand, however, many furnishings might appear more substantial than this, all the while incorporating hidden space as one of their largest compositional constituents.

Three cubic meters of empty space defined by rigid rounded dowels mark the two sole components of the M3 Chair. Material honesty with a playful execution are really what's behind this quirky cantilevered Thomas Feichtner seating system, which is "also the symbiosis between traditional workmanship and contemporary design."