The 'M-Disk' by LG and Millenniata is an Indestructible Storage Disk

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: computerworld & gizmodo
In tandem with the start-up company Millenniata, LG is planning to release what they call the M-Disk, an optical disc whose 'stone-like' traits make it impervious to damage, preserving your data forever.

One might think, DVDs and BluRay discs are capable of surviving the occasional footfall, so what's the need for more durable storage device? Although the M-Disk can withstand everyday damage -- impacts, liquids and extreme heat -- it's specifically designed to outlast the 50-year lifespan of typical discs. Normally, a DVD will begin delaminating and producing read errors, whereas the M-Disk will playback your multimedia content 100 or even 200 years into the future!

$3 is the asking price for this 4.7GB disc. You may be forced to surrender a couple extra dollars and compromise on space, but should you ever drop your wedding DVD into a vat of liquid nitrogen, it'll be safe!