Is this the 'Most Luxurious' or 'Most Hideous'?

 - Jun 17, 2008
References: nielsendata & dvice
When we think of office cubicles, we think small, cost-efficient and bare-bones. We certainly wouldn't expect an extra luxurious Red Mahogany paneled cubicle with Dark Cherry hardwood floors.

Jared Nielsen was not happy with his work cube. And considering the amount of time he spends inside it, he set out to convert it into a place to look forward to and enjoy. Thinking 'inside the box', if you will.

Besides the luxurious paneling and flooring, his computer desk is an impressive hand-carved piece that would fit right into the 1700 era. An elegant small carpet adds an extra homey touch to the cubicle.

Nielsen argues, “In an era of socialized information technology, there is the opportunity to re-capitalize the space and demonstrate that originality trumps equality, that shoving capitalists into socialist boxes only create unhappy socialists, and red mahogany generally kicks ass...”